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"The most memorable book I have read this year, and one of the best non-fictions I have ever read. Thank you, Kelly, and yeah to the new me. You definitely do not want to miss out on this book, so.... family and friends, you know what you are going to get from me during the Holidays."
"This book is a real pageturner! It’s no nonsense and spot on. Sometimes you just need that reminder that you are in charge of making your own choices whatever the situation is. I really recommend this book and it will definitely be under the Christmas tree!"

In The Power of Choice, her most personal book to date, bestselling Dutch author (>200,000 sold copies), psychologist and former model Kelly Weekers invites readers into her private life and shares her thoughts on friendship, ambition, parenting, love, loss, self-esteem and more. The book feels like a nice chat with a good friend: without telling you what to do, Kelly helps you explore how to make your own right choices and take back control of different aspects in your life.

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