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Moonshot Publishing is proud to have published the number one bestselling non-fiction book of the Netherlands. New authors and titles will be announced soon.

Kelly Weekers

Kelly Weekers (1989) is a psychologist and writer. She has sold more than 250,000 books and inspires hundreds of thousands of people every day through her Happy Life Hacks App and social media on mental health, happiness and authenticity.

Authors Get Fit

Frederique Ypenburg (1989) en Wendy De Vries (1996) have helped more than tens of thousands of women making lasting changes in their ideal weight. They inspire every day with recipes and tips about a healthy lifestyle through their own app (25,000 users!), their community (15,000 active members!) and social media (>130,000 followers).

Author De Formule

Christine Beijnen (1980) graduated as an economist and is a manifestation expert. She knows how to practically explain the science behind popular manifesting like no other. From her company Cosmic Life she teaches people to consciously create and manifest their own reality. Her courses and meditations have helped tens of thousands of people attract abundance in love, happiness and success.