Moonshot Publishing:
how it all began

After having written two successful books, Kelly Weekers decided it was time to self-publish her third book. For several years, she had already been running Moonshot Coaching together with her business partner Moniek van Rheenen. A fruitful business in which they help others to bring out the best in themselves and achieve their company’s full potential. It was in the spring of 2022 when Kelly and Moniek took a leap of faith and founded Moonshot Publishing.


For Kelly, it was a logical decision to set up her own publishing company for her new book. "I write books, but my true area of expertise is building businesses. Building businesses is something Moniek and I are passionate about, and that’s why Moonshot Coaching has become such a notable company. We simply love helping other entrepreneurs reach their goals. Our goal was to set up a publishing house, a new business to build. I've always had my take on sales, marketing, and social media. It’s something I implemented when working on my previous books, Happy Life 365 (2018) and Happy Lifehacks 365 (2019). I must admit I am somewhat opinionated, and so I often believe I know best.”


On March 25, 2022, the time had come: Moonshot Publishing's registration with the Chamber of Commerce was complete. From then on, it was time for Kelly and Moniek to start figuring out how to publish a book. Kelly explains: “Everything was new, so the two of us had an awful lot to learn in just a short amount of time. However, I truly believe you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it. The whole process involved quite a lot of work, but we got through it in the end. We simply went after our goals. Luckily, we both enjoy learning, and we’re both quick learners too. People’s benevolence also helped, and the fact that you can find manuals for just about anything. On top of everything, we have an exceptional work ethic: we know how to buckle down.”


Kelly has never for a moment regretted her choice to self-publish. “Everything was within my control, and I thoroughly enjoyed that. Even with my previous books, I always had clear ideas of what I wanted, all the way down to the paper type and coloring. Detail is everything. We pay close attention to our publications and strive for the best. It is wonderful to be able to decide everything for myself now. Steering my course in everything that I do.”


That course turned out to be spot on. May 2022 saw Moonshot Publishing's first publication: Kelly's book, originally written in Dutch: The Power of Choice. How to hack your happiness. Within no time, it stormed the bestseller list. The Power of Choice was the best-selling book and landed a No. 1 position in the ‘Bestseller 60’. “The moment we heard the news, our emotions got the better of us,” says Moniek. “That moment will forever be engraved in my memory! Everything we had been teaching other entrepreneurs, such as organic marketing through social media, is what we applied to our second venture, and it is evident that it is paying off!"