The Power of Choice
Kelly Weekers

In The Power of Choice, her most personal book to date, bestselling Dutch author (>200,000 sold copies), psychologist and former model Kelly Weekers invites readers into her private life and shares her thoughts on friendship, ambition, parenting, love, loss, self-esteem and more. The book feels like a nice chat with a good friend: without telling you what to do, Kelly helps you explore how to make your own right choices and take back control of different aspects in your life.

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"What a great book. Relatable and easy to read. A book that helps you reflect on your situation, including tips and tricks which will guide you in the future. I highly recommend it. A must-read for everyone."
"To the point, genuine, and an absolute must-read."
"In a very approachable manner, Kelly explains how to reach your goals and points out which choices you have to make to get there. It’s honest and well-written. I finished the book in just two days. If you’re doubting certain things in life or don’t know how to follow your dreams, then this is the book you need to read."